William Woods University

William Woods University announces room and board adjustments for students and their families

Latest initiative by University is for families of students to help ease the financial burden of COVID-19  

In the latest measure to help ease the financial burden on the families of its students, William Woods University (WWU) will be issuing pro-rated adjustments for room and board expenses incurred during the current semester. The University officially closed campus due to the COVID-19 crisis on Friday, March 20, allowing students several days to make arrangements to leave campus. The Spring 2020 semester will end at the close of business tomorrow, April 24.

Today, WWU President Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett announced the pro-rated adjustments, which will apply to those students who were living on campus and/or enrolled in the campus meal plan as of March 20. Adjustments will be pro-rated based on the departure date for each individual student. The initiative covers seniors who graduated this spring, students who are returning to William Woods in the fall and those students who may not be returning.

“We understand the tremendous financial stress that the crisis is putting on the families of our William Woods students,” said Dr. Barnett. “Across the country families are enduring hardship through lost jobs, strained budgets, and healthcare costs. We value our students, and the families who make a college education possible, and want these financial measures we have taken in response to this extraordinarily challenging situation to help ease their financial worries.”

Last month, the University announced the waiving of all late fees incurred by students for the months of April and May 2020, and the removal of registration holds on the accounts of traditional students owing up to $3,000 and for graduate and online students owing up to $1,000. All students in these categories are being permitted to register for fall classes immediately. If a student’s balance exceeds the limits, they can contact the Students Financial Services Office at WWU at financialaid@williamwoods.edu, to set up payment arrangements.

Last month, WWU also announced two new Admissions initiatives, a standardized test-optional policy, and a financial assistance platform that allows prospective students and their families reassurance of affordability to attend William Woods at the time their application is submitted, last month.

Together, these initiatives will lessen the financial strains and boost WWU affordability for families – at a time they need it most. “Like so many across the nation right now, many of our William Woods families are experiencing tremendous hardship,” said Dr. Barnett. “It is important to us that they remain part of the William Woods community, and we are doing everything possible to ensure that can happen.”