William Woods Presidential Message on DACA

To the William Woods Community,

In November, after the election, I shared a message with the William Woods Community in which I stated:  ‘As a close knit community,  William Woods is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and to welcoming people of all faiths and cultures. We will continue to celebrate our differences and encourage others to do the same.’

Today, I have been asked a question, “What is the University’s plan going forward to ensure that DACA recipients and DREAMERs remain safe and protected members of our community of higher learning?”

My response is as follows:

Here at William Woods University, our goal will always be to sustain a diverse and inclusive learning, living and working environment. Although I have been informed that William Woods serves no DACA students, we certainly share the deep concerns of our academic allies concerning DACA students, and are closely monitoring the situation. As this issue moves to congress for resolution, I also encourage you to follow it closely as well, and remember that you always have your own opportunity to have your voices heard on any issue that is before our elected representatives.

While always valuing, welcoming and supporting all our students, faculty and staff, we must also always abide by all federal and state laws. We will look for ways to continue to support all of our students, but will always do so within the bounds of the law.

Jahnae H. Barnett