Photo of Ethan Schroyer in the Burton Business Building

WWU transfer student on pace to earn MBA in just 3.5 years

As a professions-based university, William Woods prides itself in offering flexibility to its degree-seeking students. That can mean starting an online degree program, and stopping and restarting your education at your own pace until you graduate.  Or earning a graduate degree while taking evening classes as a full-time, working professional. 

But if there’s one program that perfectly illustrates the university’s professions-based philosophy, look no further than its “Masters in Five (MBA in 5)” programs, where students can accelerate their learning and take a year off their total time in school. And look no further for an example of what one can achieve in MBA in 5 than current transfer student Ethan Schroyer, who is on track to complete his MBA program even faster, finishing in a total of three and a half years. 

Schroyer came to The Woods with two years at another university under his belt, and will finish with just one and half years in the William Woods Business program. 

“Dr. (Brenda) Popp and Dr. (Stephen) Forsha helped me make this plan work,” Said Schroyer. “I came to school with a traditional four-year plan and then decided I wanted to complete a master’s in the most cost-efficient way.” 

Photo of Ethan Schroyer in class

Schroyer took summer classes and often had his academic advisor give him permission to enroll in 18 credit hours, a heavier load than typical for a college student. This was possible for Schroyer by balancing both online and traditional classes to balance his schedule, another example of the flexibility of WWU’s academic degree programs. 

“I make a list every day and I keep calendars and planners,” said Schroyer. “I just think you always need to stay on top of things and that procrastinating always gets you in trouble.” 

Schroyer also noticed the importance of taking breaks from school work and coming back to assignments later with a fresh eye. Being from a small town in Missouri, Schroyer enjoys outdoor time such as fishing to take some time off of school work. 

In such a short time, Schroyer also got to see the difference between undergraduate and graduate courses. 

“In undergraduate courses, its more common for professors to lead classes and lecture. You may not talk at all in most of your classes,” he said. “In graduate classes, the professors just facilitate discussions between the students. I am generally quiet, so it encouraged me to speak up and talk through the ideas we were learning.” 

Schroyer was also able to complete an accounting internship during his three and a half years as a student. 

“I have enjoyed how broad the MBA program is at William Woods,” Said Schroyer. “I am interested in accounting, but also want to own my own business one day. It helps you learn leadership and management skills, rather than just your specific interest area in business.” 

Photo of Ethan Schroyer

Another important factor Schroyer learned through his college journey is the importance of using the resources in front of you and building relationships. 

“One thing I learned when transferring is that a lot of those resources aren’t available once you’re not there anymore,” he said.  “Building connections while in school gives you the connections that will still be available after graduation. It is important to get to know people and professors and build your network because if those relationships aren’t built now then it is hard to build them once graduation comes.” 

And thanks to Schroyer’s hard work and a little help from William Woods MBA in 5 program, that coveted graduation and degree are coming soon.

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