Christy Wilson-Smith on WWU campus

William Woods Alum, Christy Wilson-Smith, crowned Ms. Missouri Senior America 2023

Christy Wilson-Smith is many things. She is a motivational speaker, a singer, a music clinician, and an absolute delight to be around. This is already an impressive list of accolades, which makes her recent crowning as Ms. Missouri Senior America the powdered sugar on the gooey butter cake. 

On her way to the crowning, Christy astounded the judges with her charismatic attitude, plethora of talents and philosophical outlook on life. 

“If you’ve ever looked closely at rocks in a river, they are all so different yet all beautiful, and work together to guide the rivers path,” she remarked to one of the judges during the pageant. “We are like those rocks, all different yet all beautiful and we must work together to make a positive impact in this river we call life.”

“Don’t be afraid to make ripples,” she said, “we never know how far they may reach.”

Christy posing in front of an Alpha Phi certificate on WWU campus

Our Ms. Senior America graduated from William Woods in 1980, majoring in vocal music and minoring in secondary education. Christy was involved in Greek life as an Alpha Phi sister and acted as their song leader and social chairman. She was also a part of multiple different clubs and organizations, including but not limited to Chamber Singers, Madrigal Singers, concert and pep band, and Little Sisters of Minerva.

Once she entered the workforce, Christy taught as a music educator in Missouri for forty years, mostly in the town of Wentzville. She was honored as Teacher of the Year seven times in her career, showcasing her love for education as well as her expertise in musical knowledge. The choirs that she has taught have performed in Carnegie Hall, for the St. Louis Cardinals, and at the Fox Theater. She also found time to be inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame for Women’s Golf and was selected by Missouri Magazine as its “Personality Of The Year” for 2024!

Christy and her husband on WWU campus

Her crowning, however, is not the end of Christy’s pageant journey – it is actually the very beginning. Now that she has been named as Missouri’s Ms. Senior America representative for 2023, she will be competing with all the other state senior pageant winners for the title of Ms. Senior America for the year. This competition will take place from October 15th through the 19th at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tickets can be bought for this event or enthusiasts can watch the pageant on YouTube.