Personal finance website rates William Woods as tenth best university in Missouri, best in mid-Missouri, in national rankings

Fulton, MO – Personal finance website WalletHub is out with its national rankings of top-performing colleges and universities with the lowest costs to undergraduates, and William Woods University (WWU) more than made the grade compared to its peers.

In WalletHub’s 2020 College and University ranking of 1,003 higher education institutions across the U.S., William Woods came in as the tenth best college or university in the state of Missouri, and number one in mid-Missouri. The rankings include all institutions across the nation in one category, from the smallest private schools to biggest public research universities, and can be found here:

To determine its rankings of the more than 1,000 institutions, WalletHub used 33 key measures including student selectivity, cost and financing, student-faculty ratio, graduation rates, post-attendance median salary, student loan default rates and overall career outcomes. The overall focus of the study was to determine which universities had the best combination of performance with lowest cost to undergraduates.

“We are pleased and honored to receive more national recognition for the impressive progress we have achieved as an institution over the past few years, which is reflected in this lofty ranking,” said Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett, president of William Woods University. “We remain committed to ensuring that William Woods remains one of the very best places to receive an excellent and affordable education, in a smaller university community known for its quality students and outstanding faculty.”

WWU’s progress in recent years has included a total enrollment that has grown by more than 200% since 1990; an endowment that has increased from approximately six million dollars to more than $20 million; a significant increase in the number of academic degree programs, including online and graduate options; and major capital improvements, including the construction/renovation of ten campus buildings.  

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