Kylie Zamboni

Meet Honor Student Kylie Zamboni-Cutter ‘21

Biology Pre-med Major  |  From Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kylie Zamboni

What interests you about your major? 

I have always loved science, so I knew when I got to college that I wanted to take as many science classes as possible and being a biology major made that possible.

What do you like/love about The Woods? 

I love the people at The Woods. I also like the small class sizes and the student-centered curriculum. If I ever have a question or just want to talk, I can just walk up to my teachers because I know them more closely than I would at a large institution.  

Why did you choose WWU? 

I first visited The Woods as a high school senior in April 2017. I was planning on going to a school in Colorado, but I came out for a visit with the volleyball team anyway. When I got to campus, it was a beautiful spring day and I fell in love with the beautiful campus and friendly atmosphere. I committed to the William Woods volleyball team that day because I loved the girls on the team and how personalized my entire visit felt.

What are your plans after graduation? 

I am currently going through the medical school application process. I have finished all of my secondary applications and am now in the interview stage. I was accepted by a medical university just last week.

Do you play any sports at WWU?  

I am on the volleyball and track and field teams.

How did the Honors program inspire you?  

The Honors Program inspired me to strive for excellence in that I had classes with like-minded individuals all wanting to do their best. I do well in an environment where everyone is working hard and staying focused to achieve their goals. These challenging classes along with my challenging biology schedule will prepare me for medical school.

What’s your favorite part of the Honors program? 

I love being able to have classes with the same group of people each year and live with them for a year. It helped me assimilate to the level of classes and life here. I have found life-long friends in this group.

To apply to be an honor student, simply go to the honors page on the William Woods website, fill out the form and write a brief essay. It’s that easy! Any applicant with at least a 26 ACT and GPA of at least 3.2 is encouraged to apply!