Kara Jeffers

Meet Honor Student Kara Jeffers ‘21

Communications Major  – Media Journalism Emphasis |  From Troy, Missouri

Kara Jeffers

What interests you about your major? 

I decided I wanted to be an investigative reporter as a senior in high school. It sounded like a cool job where I could do something new everyday. Each class I’ve taken since starting has taught me how to communicate- through pictures, conversation, writing, and any other medium you can think of. I know how and why people think, and I know how to share important information in effective ways. In a world where no one trusts information or people, I feel equipped to share truth and encourage stability.

Why did you choose WWU? 

The moment I stepped onto campus, I felt at home. William Woods exists as this little bubble in reality, the space lets me focus on education- in experiences and academics. William Woods taught me so much about the world, but it also encourages me to keep seeking and learning even after I’ve left this safe place. 

What do you like/love about The Woods? 

We have Kaldi’s coffee! I have a personal relationship with all my professors, who mentor me as friends and leaders through my classes and larger life goals. WWU has a beautiful campus, friendly classmates, and a homey vibe while still offering a professional and thorough education.  

What are your plans after graduation? 

I hope to find a job as a reporter in either newspaper, TV, or radio. I might also look into teaching English in foreign countries as I keep working to understand the world.

Do you play any sports at William Woods University?  

No, but I’m in the dance club.

How did the Honors program inspire you?  

Being an Honors student has held me to a higher standard, pushing me to keep reaching for my full potential instead of stopping halfway.

What’s your favorite part of the Honors program? 

I have found lifelong friends who keep me accountable to that challenge of reaching my full potential in both my academic and personal life.

To apply to be an honor student, simply go to the honors page on the William Woods website, fill out the form and write a brief essay. It’s that easy! Any applicant with at least a 26 ACT and GPA of at least 3.2 is encouraged to apply! www.williamwoods.edu/Academics