Dyllon Harper portrait

Introducing William Woods University’s New Educational Financial Planner

There are many reasons students and their families could be feeling extra pressure around making their college decision including FAFSA delays and the rising cost of high education across the country. William Woods University is dedicated to making a college degree available to as many students as possible. As a solution, The Woods recently added a new position to its admissions team dedicated to helping families navigate the complicated world of scholarships, grants, and student aid.

Students and their families can now meet one-on-one with Dyllon Harper, the Educational Financial Planner at The Woods.

“I’m that major financial planning resource to not only students, but also to their families,” said Harper. “When you apply to The Woods, you’re going to have a personal contact here at the university that is directly finance related.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help families find that personalized financial plan and turn it to yes.”

Dyllon Harper knows The Woods inside and out. Before joining the Admissions Team, he spent seven years a student, graduate student, and graduate assistant at William Woods and says he loved every minute of it. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2016 and a Master of Education in athletic administration in 2018. Most recently he worked at Veterans United as a dedicated loan specialist.

Andy Otto, Executive VP of Admissions, says access to higher education is one of the main reasons for adding this unique role.

“The introduction of the Educational Financial Planner is the next step for WWU in facilitating further access for students who have interest in the pursuit of a college degree. It is our hope that the Educational Financial Planner serves as a resource to students and families as they navigate the financial landscape surrounding the college search. It is no secret that cost is a barrier of access, particularly for first generation students and BIPOC students, and this role ensures these students and families have a partner at WWU committed to discussing the value of the WWU education, the viability of pursuing a degree with WWU, and the various avenues students have to achieve a college education.”

If you’re interested in applying to William Woods University and would like to set up a time to talk with Dyllon Harper, you can call his office at 573-592-4378, his cell: 573-220-0772 email him at Dyllon.Harper1@williamwoods.edu or book a meeting on his calendar. Note: Dyllon meets with both interested and accepted students and their families.