Jasmine Chievous

Five Questions with Jasmine Chievous – Director of Academic Advising

William Woods welcomed a new Director of Academic Advising this month, as Jasmine Chievous joined the University with nearly 15 years of experience in higher education. She recently sat down to answer Five Questions for The Woods Today, as told to John Fougere.

Jasmine Chievous
  • Take us through your background, and what prompted you to accept a position at William Woods.

I came to William Woods from the University of Missouri – Columbia, where I served as an academic advisor and instructor in the School of Journalism. Prior to Mizzou, I worked at Northwestern St. University (Natchitoches, La.) as the assistant athletic director for student-athlete development, where my responsibilities included program supervision of student-athletes’ academic endeavors, personal development, community outreach, career development, and leadership training. I also worked in similar roles at Fisk University, Troy University, and the University of Missouri.

I earned my Master of Education in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Career Counseling and Sport Psychology from Mizzou. I was a Provost Scholar at Fisk University, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Spanish. I am a member of the National Association for Student-Athlete Development Professionals, National Academic Advising Association, and am a Qualified Mental Health Professional. I am also currently a doctoral student in the Education Leadership Policy Analysis with a concentration in educational policy studies program at the University of Missouri.

I chose William Woods because of the size and mission of the university, having attended a small private liberal arts institution for undergrad, and thought I would be able to make a greater impact in the life of more students through academic support and advising services.

  • What was a past experience in your professional life that most impacted you, and influences how you do your job today?

I have had a myriad of past professional experiences, and one that has been able to impact me the most was being in the role to educate first generation college students and provide them with resources and guidance that I needed when I was in their same shoes. Such experiences have impacted my job today because they allow me to be sensitive to the plight of students and always keeping in mind that a person is a person and everyone deserves the right to equal and adequate educational opportunities.

  • What are your key responsibilities in your position as Director of Academic Advising?

As the Director of Academic Advising, I have the pleasure to serve students through implementing and maintaining current policies surrounding advising; supervising the registration of all incoming students; assigning advisors to students; helping foster positive, productive relationships with faculty advisors; supporting admissions and events; referring students to the appropriate resources to enhance learning, mental health and other support needed for academic and personal success and creating professional development trainings for advisors.

  • How important a role does academic advising have in the success of a college student?

I believe the role of academic advising is a vital one to the overall experience because it can really effect the academic and personal success of a student. It is imperative the person in this role is accurate, knowledgeable, flexible and student-centered.

  • What are three unique things about you?

I am the eldest of six. Mother of two angels. I am also a runner and you may catch me running on campus some day soon. Feel free to join!