Dean's List at William Woods

William Woods University announces Fall 2018 Dean’s List

Fulton, MO – William Woods University (WWU) today officially announced its Dean’s List for the Fall 2018 academic term. A total of 256 students earned a place on the Fall 2018 Dean’s List, that requires a full-time student achieve a minimum 3.6 semester and cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Last fall’s list of academic achievement includes 160 students from the state of Missouri, 86 from other U.S. states and 10 International students.

Congratulations to all students who are named on the Fall 2018 semester Dean’s List at William Woods:

First name                Last name               City                      State

Natalia                       Adamovic             Morton Grove           IL

Adkins                        Carrie                    Foristell                   MO

Aguado                      Meredith               Hillsboro                  MO

Ahern                        Isabella                Utica                         MI

Albers                        Wessel                 Rotterdam           Netherlands

Alcorn                         Elijah                     Fulton                       MO

Angelino                    Bryce                     Underhill                   VT

Armontrout                Alexis                    Centralia                    MO

Arnold                        Arianne                 Edwardsville               IL

Arrington                   Jennah                  Holland                        TX

Barker                        Emily                      Chino Hills                CA

Barker                        Rachel                       DeSoto                     MO

Bart                             Jessie                        Mead                         CO

Bartlett                       Abagayle                 New Florence            MO

Belcher                      Denise                       Fulton                         MO

Bennett                      Abigail                     Jefferson City            MO

Bichsel                       Paige                       Quincy                       IL

Bichsel                       Sophia                     Quincy                       IL

Bird                             Samuel                    Hook                       England

Blakemore                Sally                         Columbia                   MO

Bluth                           Emilee                     St. Louis                     MO

Boe                             Justin                       Willoughby                OH

Borgerding                Emily                        Washington               MO

Boyer                        Samantha               Fredericktown           MO

Bradfisch                   Jessica                    Grafton                       IL

Brown                        Megan                     Warsaw                      MO

Browning                   Briley                          Silex                           MO

Brumbaugh               Kaitlynn                   St. Louis                     MO

Bullock                       Sydney                    Columbia                   IL

Burgess                     Matthew                   St. Charles                MO

Burgtorf                     Krystal                     Quincy                        IL

Bush                           Erinn                        Auxvasse                   MO

Cahill                         Makayla                     Salem                        MO

Cain                           Jacob                       Fullerton                     CA

Campbell                  Koral                      Anchorage                     AK

Cantu                        Lisa                        Long Beach                    CA

Carbone                    Thomas                 Cedar Hill                       MO

Carrico                      Hannah                 Columbia                       MO

Cesar                         Felicia                    Genk                           Belgium

Cespedes                 Giana                     Canyon Country            CA

Christman                 Jay                          Ashland                          MO

Clayton                      Grant                      Jefferson City               MO

Coffee                        Kayton                   Bentonville                     AR

Conklin                      Kira                         Oakwood                         IL

Counts                       Anna                       Imperial                          MO

Crooks                     Morgan                   Liberty                             MO

Crosby                       Blaine                     Dexter                           MO

Crosswhite                Madison                 O’Fallon                          MO

Cunningham            Emma                     Lee’s Summit                 MO

Cunningham            Tyler                        Camdenton                    MO

Dace                          Claudia                   Sullivan                          MO

Dalhaus                     Audra                      St. Joseph                        IL

Daniels                      Cayla                       Lee’s Summit                 MO

Depping                    Dacrie                        Fulton                           MO

Doerhoff                    Kathryn                      St. Charles                   MO

Domagala                 Cayla                        Woodstock                    IL

Dungan                     Collin                           Mexico                        MO

Duran-Avellaneda    Juan                             Cali                          Mexico

Easley                        Leah                              Columbia                   MO

Eckhoff                       Kirstyn                            Butler                         MO

Edmunds                   Paige                             St. Peters                  MO

Ehlinger                     Hannah                         Kimball                       MN

Eichholz                    Breanna                        Holts Summit             MO

Eliason                      Sarah                             Independence          MO

Engle                         Rebecca                        Lee’s Summit            MO

Englund                     Sydney                          Sarasota                   FL

Epple                         Alexis                             Jefferson City            MO

Esterline                    Ryan                              Jefferson City            MO

Farrell                        Benjamin                       Fayetteville                AR

Fiedler                       Grace                             Bonne Terre              MO

Fischer                       Laura                             Mexico                       MO

Fischer                       Leslie                             Mexico                       MO

Flanery                      Joshua                           Colorado Springs     CO

French                       Kathryn                         Marshfield                 MO

Fyffe                          Andrew                          Valley Park                MO

Garcia                       Kelsey                           Oak Creek                WI

Garriott                       Travis                              Ashland                   MO

Gassen                      Kimberly                         Olathe                      KS

Gast                            Emily                              St. Peters                 MO

George                        Kate                                     Grubville                    MO

George                      Stephen                                 Grubville                    MO

Gerling                         Faith                                     Pacific                       MO

Gibson                       Chase                                   O’Fallon                    MO

Girard                         Ashlynn                                 New Bloomfield      MO

Glassmaker              Zachery                                  Mexico                    MO

Goecke                      Brianna                                   Audubon                 IA

Gourley                      McKenzie                               Jefferson City         MO

Grochowski               Jacqueline                             Fulton                      MO

Groth                          Brooke                                    Ava                          MO

Gruber                       Brynna                                    Holt                          MO

Gueck                        Alexandra                               Defiance                 MO

Hagan                        Emily                                       Jefferson City         MO

Haley                         Shannon                                Auxvasse                MO

Hamlin                       Alexandrea                            Edina                       MO

Hartman                    Nickolas                                 Smithville                MO

Hassler                      Alexis                                       Easton                     MO

Haupin                       Kelly                                         Cleveland               OH

Hawkins                    Paige                                       Macon                     MO

Henriksen                 Aurora Lucie                          Narvik                  Norway

Hinz                           Natalie                                     Crystal Lake             IL

Hoeltke                      Taylor                                     Fulton                      MO

Hohlt                          Nicole                                     Dittmer                    MO

Holm                          Karis                                         Lake Villa            IL

Holsteen                    Rachel                                      Yarmouth            IA

Hooker                       Victoria                                    Waynesville          MO

Horton                        Abigail                                       Kalamazoo         MI

Hosiner                      Nichole                                      Half Way            MO

Hurd                           Lisa                                           Metairie              LA

Hutton                        Jennifer                                   Lee’s Summit     MO

Imhoff                         Olivia                                          Boonville             MO

Jarvis                         Jillian                                        Loganville           GA

Jeffers                        Kara                                           Troy                       MO

Jennings                   Kaitlyn                                         Bourbonnais         IL

Jensen                       Jessica                                       Downs                   IL

Johnson                    Remie                                         Glendale              AZ

Jones                         Quincy                                        Southfield              MI

Kasubke                    Elizabeth                                   Mexico                  MO

Keath                         Kaitlyn                                       DeSoto                  MO

Keller                         Alexandra                                  Antioch                   IL

Kempf                        Danielle                                      St. Louis                MO

Kingsley                    Thomas                                      Fulton                     MO

Kitchell                       Emeri                                         St. Louis                 MO

Kloha                         Gabrielle                                    Edmond                  OK

Knipp                        Hanna                                        Auxvasse                MO

Knopf                         Zachary                                      Troy                        MO

Korhammer               Bailey                                                 Imperial                MO

Korhammer               Grace                                                 Imperial                MO

Koty                            Adrianna                                           Joliet                      IL

Krebill                        Kira                                                    Elk Grove              CA

Krenzel                      Corrine                                              Steedman             MO

Kuehl                         Hannah                                            Germantown          WI

Labath                       Alexis                                                Montgomery           IL

Lammert                   Madeline                                           St. Charles             MO

Lanzafame                Payton                                               St. Peters              MO

Lawson                      Courtney                                           Foristell                   MO

Lefarth                       Julia                                                 Eureka                    MO

Leimkuehler             Brody                                                 St. Charles             MO

Lemberger                Abigail                                               North Shields       England

Lenz                           Rosemary                                         Prairie Home          MO

Lewis                         Isabel                                                Oregon                     IL

Little                          Niketa                                             Murfreesboro           TN

Loftis                          Elizabeth                                         Lee’s Summit          MO

Logan                        Brianna                                              Columbia                MO

Luebbert                    Elizabeth                                           Fulton                        MO

Lundy                         Kena                                                  Jenks                         OK

Malara                       Michelle                                             Manchester              NJ

Malawey                    Lacey                                                 Wentzville                 MO

Manning                    Megan                                               Indianapolis              IN

Maple-Laburay        Mikayla                                            Florissant                   MO

Martin                         Douglas                                           Kansas City               MO

Massey                      Allison                                              Centralia                    MO

Maynard                    Riley                                                 Rolla                          MO

McArthur                    John                                                 St. Louis                     MO

McDonald                 Claire                                               Jefferson City          MO

McDonald                 Katherine                                       Jefferson City          MO

McKee                       Nina                                                   Fulton                        MO

McMorris                   Catherine                                         Bowling Green         MO

McMurtry                   Jaclyn                                                Columbia                  MO

Meikel                        Arianna                                             Overland Park          KS

Meinhardt                  Grace                                                Lake St. Louis          MO

Mennemeyer            Nicholas                                            Troy                            MO

Messerly                    Starr                                                   Wooster                     OH

Miller                          Chae                                                  Lincoln                       NE

Miller                          Justice                                               Russellville               MO

Millett                         Kristen                                               New Hartford            NY

Mitchell                      Hanna                                                Momence                  IL

Moreland                   Kelsey                                                Rolla                       MO

Morrow                      Brianna                                              O’Fallon                    MO

Mullings                     Michelle                                             Pleasant Hope        MO

Nale                           Harley                                                Linn                          MO

Nett                             Andrew                                              Troy                          MO

Ney                             Caitlyn                                               St. Charles                MO

Nielsen                      Laura                                                Hendersonville         NC

Nunnery                    Shelbi                                               Miamisburg              OH

O’Connell                  Molly                                                 Overland Park         KS

O’Keefe                     Ethan                                                 Ashland                     MO

Olivares                     Grace                                                Farmington              MN

Page                          Billee                                                  Hermann                   MO

Palmer                       Kimberly                                            Columbia                  MO

Papai                         Victoria                                             New Orleans            LA

Parungao                  Daryl                                                  Fulton                         MO

Peak                           Allison                                                Great Bend               KS

Pendleton                 Ashley                                                Willard                       MO

Peterson                    Elise                                                   Olathe                       KS

Pezold                       William                                               Columbia                  MO

Pfortmiller                  Emma                                                Littleton                      CO

Phillips                       Josie                                                  Columbia                  MO

Pietroburgo               Grace                                                 West Plains              MO

Porter                         James                                                Russellville               MO

Poulson                     Connor                                              Willard                       MO

Prather-Turner         Abigail                                               Lenexa                      KS

Redmond                  Tatum                                                 La Plata                     MO

Reed                         Brooke                                               Blue Springs             MO

Reid                           Laura                                                 Troy                            MO

Reid                           Lily                                                    Troy                           MO

Rentz                         Deborah                                          Columbus                  GA

Reynolds                   Leslie                                               Durham                      NC

Ricard                        Amber                                              Warrensburg            MO

Rieber                        Raegan                                           Jefferson City            MO

Riegel                        Olivia                                                New Bloomfield        MO

Robinett                     Emily                                                St. Charles               MO

Roden                        Arien                                                Montgomery City      MO

Rodman                    Emily                                                  Ballwin                       MO

Rogers                       Megan                                               Plainfield                   IL

Rollins                       Bailey                                                 Windsor                     MO

Rosa                          Alexandra                                        Grimes                       IA

Rosemann                Tori                                                    Troy                          MO

Roth                           Ethan                                                 Ashland                     MO

Sagalai                      Karyna                                               Kryvyi Rih           Ukraine

Schannuth                Tess                                                   Hermann                  MO

Schmauch                 Reyna                                               Kingdom City            MO

Schmidt                     Jessica                                              St. Charles                MO

Schmiemeier            Benjamin                                           Chesterfield              MO

Shepard                    Haley                                                 Bella Vista                 AR

Shifrin                         Sabina                                               Kansas City               MO

Shrader                     Faith                                                   La Grange                 MO

Smith                          Abbey                                                St. Louis                    MO

Smith                          Emma                                                Center                        MO

Smith                          Jordan                                               Columbia                  MO

Smith                          Paige                                                 Jefferson City           MO

Stark                           Claire                                                 Marine                       IA

Steffens                     Tristan                                                Fulton                         MO

Stone                         Lauren                                               Mexico                       MO

Storey                        Isabel                                                 O’Fallon                     MO

Stroup                        Caitlyn                                               Sullivan                     MO

Sukkert                      Carley                                                Clover                        SC

Tabaks                       Shawna                                             Arlington                    TX

Tamborski                 Elizabeth                                           High Ridge                MO

Terajima                    Asami                                                Kiev                       Ukraine

Thornton                    Samuel                                              Preston                 England

Tichy                          Emily                                                  Gravois Mills             MO

Tolias                         Megan                                               Unionville                  MO

Treijs                          Kristine                                             Coral Springs           FL

Trone                         Makayla                                             Smithshire                 IL

Turner                        Samantha                                         Ottumwa                    IA

Van Harn                   Megan                                               Centerview               MO

Van Winkle               Briannon                                           Crockett                     CA

Volk                            Stephanie                                         Riverview                  MI

Walker                       Madalyn                                            Fenton                       MO

Waterson                   Alexis                                                 Elkhart                       IN

Weitkamp                  Victoria                                              New Florence           MO

Westerlund               Aaron                                                 Bilambil Heights     Australia

White                          Carla                                                  North Bay, ON       Canada

Wieberg                     Maggie                                              Argyle                        MO

Wilde                          Regan                                                St. Elizabeth             MO

Wilkerson                  Emily                                                  Jefferson City           MO

Willingham                Alexis                                                 St. Robert                  MO

Willsher                     Harry                                                  Bournemouth         England

Wilson                        Heather                                             Columbia                  MO

Wonderly                   Brittany                                              Centerview               MO

Woods                       Michelle                                             Belleville                   IL

Woods                       Taylor                                                 Jones                         OK

Yurkovic                    Sara                                                   Columbus                 OH

Zamboni-Cutter        Kylie                                                   Colorado Springs    CO