MACC at the woods

William Woods, Moberly Area Community College announce partnership agreement

“MACC at The Woods” to expand academic opportunities for community college students, ease transition to four-year college degrees

William Woods University (WWU) and Moberly Area Community College (MACC) are teaming up to smooth the transition for community college students to go on and earn a four-year college degree under a new partnership announced today between the two institutions.

“MACC at The Woods” is a new co-enrollment program between WWU and MACC that will encourage both degree completion and pursuit of a four-year college degree for students at Moberly Area Community College. It will allow MACC students to enjoy the benefits of both a four-year university and two-year community college experience simultaneously, while also providing William Woods with an improved and reliable process for recruiting promising MACC students for four-year degree programs at WWU.

The program will officially begin with the Fall 2022 semester at William Woods.

“Students in the MACC at The Woods program will get the unique opportunity to enjoy a comprehensive, four-year, private university experience while at the same time taking advantage of the strong academic start offered by MACC,” said Dr. Jeremy Moreland, President of William Woods University. “We are excited to join in this agreement with MACC, which aligns our efforts to help community colleges students obtaining four-year degrees at William Woods.”

“MACC at The Woods creates a new and unique pathway for MACC students and we are so pleased they will have this opportunity,” said Dr. Jeffery Lashley, President of Moberly Area Community College. “Co-enrollment programs provide opportunities that neither MACC or William Woods could provide alone.  This agreement puts students first and we are confident our shared students will benefit greatly. We are excited to have this great partnership with William Woods University.”

In the MACC at The Woods program, current students enrolled at MACC can take courses at William Woods at a reduced rate while completely acclimating to university life, including living on the WWU campus, joining campus organizations, partaking in the WWU LEAD program and making connections with faculty in the degree programs they plan on pursuing for their bachelor’s degree. To help ease the transition from a community college to a four-year university, MACC students will also benefit from the collaboration between WWU and MCC academic advisors, faculty and staff, ensuring that those students are taking the correct academic courses while still enrolled at MACC that will be needed for their degree program at William Woods.

The program will effectively bridge the gap between students who may have considered attending William Woods out of high school but attended MACC instead.

“MACC at The Woods will keep those community college students engaged with William Woods, and maximize the opportunity to complete their four-year degree here at The Woods,” said President Moreland. “Overall, it will make it easier for students at MACC to go on and complete their four-year bachelor’s degree wherever they choose, making this program a win-win for everyone involved.”