Students Mahala Campbell and Sophia Hausner Win Sticker Design Contest

Two WWU students, Mahala Campbell and Sophia Hausner, recently achieved sticker stardom with their innovative and creative designs. They were challenged in a campus-wide contest to design a sticker for either the university at large or the Woods Global program.

Mahala Campbell portrait

Campbell is a senior studying graphic design and will be graduating this December. When creating the sticker art for this contest, she didn’t let the limitless possibilities of design stump her. 

“In some of the graphic design classes, they teach you to get something on the page or screen,” Mahala said. “I was looking through a bunch of clip art images of how different people design owls, got an idea of the different techniques I wanted to use, then I combined them all together.”

Sophia Hausner portrait

Hausner is a sophomore studying communications and media and is a transfer student from Germany. She used her professional experience from back home to help craft the design for this competition. 

“I used to do corporate designs all the time,” she explained. “It’s really fun so I thought ‘why not make a sticker for this contest?’” 

Both of these students utilized the Adobe Creative Suite when making their pieces. They were able to proficiently use programs like Illustrator and Photoshop to craft their respective stickers based on what they had learned both in and out of classes. Sophia’s design will be printed and given to new, on-campus students to help show off their William Woods pride. Mahala’s sticker will be for new Woods Global students. The students earned $100 for winning this contest and can also feature these designs as a part of their future portfolio for potential employers.