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National recognition – University featured in the higher education “paper of record” for the second time in 2023

In national higher education circles, it doesn’t get much bigger than positive recognition in what is considered the industry’s “paper of record,” also known as The Chronicle of Higher Education.

And thus far in 2023, William Woods has now been featured in the illustrious publication not once, but twice, marking the first time The Woods has appeared in The Chronicle at all since 2001.

Earlier this month, The Chronicle published a report entitled “Surviving As A Small College,” a guide covering strategies that small, private colleges across the U.S. are adopting to not only survive as an institution, but to thrive. William Woods was prominently featured in the report, which highlighted three important initiatives WWU is undertaking, among others, to strengthen and grow the University: enhancing quality online opportunities; boosting graduate programs such as adding the first-ever Ph.D. program in University history; and increasing athletic opportunities, such as adding seven new intercollegiate sports including the historic addition of football.

“The report in The Chronicle is highlighting a few select small colleges from across the country that are ‘making all the right moves,’ to prosper in today’s challenging higher education environment,” said Dr. Jeremy Moreland, WWU President. “We are thrilled to be included in this national recognition and excited to see our efforts to build and strengthen The Woods for the next 150 years continue to pay off.”

And that payoff continued in a big way this past week, when the University kicked off the Fall 2023 semester with the largest incoming undergraduate class in William Woods history, with 456 students (298 on campus and 158 online) enrolling as new students. Including last Fall’s record incoming class, 2022 and 2023 now represent the largest two-year growth period in the University’s 153-year history.

To access the section of the Chronicle report that features William Woods, please click here:

Earlier this year, the University was included in a Chronicle story about institutions across the nation that are using the innovative new Chief Student Experience Officer model to boost student retention and enrollment: