A new take on "The Last Supper" entitled "The Last Selfie"

Freelance digital photographer to bring “Absurd In The World” exhibit to William Woods University

Fulton, MO– A new academic year in art exhibits at William Woods University (WWU) will kick off next week with a show featuring the work of digital photographer Michael Spillers entitled “Absurd In The World.” Spillers’ collection of large digital collages portraying how the world has evolved and “how absurd human behavior can be,” will run on the WWU campus for three weeks beginning August 19 at the Mildred Cox Gallery. Admission to Cox Gallery is free.

Based in Kansas City, Spillers finds inspiration in famous art masterpieces by such artists as Leonardo Davinci and Pablo Picasso, as well as what he sees as the contemporary world’s injustices. A freelance photographer for more than 30 years, the technological revolution known as digital photography, which greatly enhanced the quality of photos using computer software, prompted him to emphasize digital photography in his artwork. His displays of digital collages tend to focus on the absurd qualities of life.

 “Life is absurd. Life is ironic. Life is an end in itself,” said Spillers. “There is only your journey and what lies along the way, because life is its own reward, its own punishment, and its own absolution. The universe, the world, the life that surrounds you, the very essence of you is disarmingly, alarmingly ironic, frustrating, intriguing, priceless and absurd.”

“I seek clarity through the irony and resonance created by juxtaposition of the profane and sacred, traditional allegory and current cultural metaphors, the cherished and the disturbing,” he added. “And I’m looking for a few laughs along the way.”

The Absurd In The World photo exhibit will be on display at the Cox Gallery in the Gladys Woods Kemper Center for the Arts on the William Woods campus. The show will run from Monday, August 19 until Thursday, September 5, with an opening reception on August 21 from 4-6 p.m.

Cox Gallery is open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.