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5 Questions with Spencer Burck, Admissions Counselor

If a student hasn’t applied yet, but is interested in a program on campus and has more questions, what resources does admissions and the university offer? 

When we receive applications, we always follow-up with the student via email or another channel and say that we received the application and let them know any next steps in the process. We also make sure to schedule a campus visit for anyone who hasn’t visited yet. Since some of this generation does not do email as much, we always reach out with a call and text as well. The University Ambassadors will reach out as well if they want prospective from a current student. 

As a former student-athlete and coach, what is it like guiding prospective students through the application process and helping them learn about The Woods? 

I coached cross country and track at the college level and one thing I emphasized that I learned from my previous coaches was that you need to be a student before you are an athlete. It is a privilege to be a student-athlete. If you do not keep on top of your schoolwork, you may not be able to keep playing athletics. So now as an admissions counselor, I like to make sure that any athletes we have coming in know about all the resources we have available to manage that balance. For example, we have the Academic Resource Center and Peer Tutors. If they need extra help they have it and we can help them with time management as well. 

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What are some of your favorite “fun facts” about The Woods? 

Something that I like to share with prospective students is that this year is the upcoming 150th anniversary in 2020. This illustrates our staying power as a university, and lets them know that they can be part of the long tradition of William Woods University. I like to tell them that since our mascot is Screech the Owl, their experience here is sure to be a hoot! 

As an admissions counselor, you travel to college fairs and other events – what are some of your favorite places to go? 

With my current recruiting area, I cover western Missouri and everything out to the west coast except for Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. As far as travel, I primarily travel within that western part of the state and in Kansas. I also go to Nebraska and Iowa quite a bit when I can. I really enjoy going out to Wichita, Kansas and the Kansas City area. They’re both very different areas, but fun communities to visit and very welcoming. I’m of course a big fan of the barbecue in Kansas City when I visit, my favorite is the brisket. 

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Tell me about something that makes the William Woods experience unique.

I think William Woods can be a perfect fit for a lot of students because of the smaller campus size and small town of Fulton. If you attend The Woods, we are going to get to know you. Not just us in Admissions but also faculty, staff, other students, and even people in town depending on what you get involved in. I think we also have great resources available for a small school. We have the Academic Resource Center and the Learning Specialists to help with any academic support. We have Amy Dittmer in Career Services to help with landing that dream internship or job after college. All of the different resources we have available will really help set our students off on the right path.