William Woods to add six new degree program offerings

William Woods University (WWU) is expanding its degree offerings, with plans to add six new courses of study to provide more opportunities for students in the coming year.

Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, WWU students will get six new options for study in a variety of disciplines, including an Ed.D. in Adult Learning; Master of Arts in Psychology; Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Digital Filmmaking; Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Workforce Management; minor in Equine Media, and minor in Cybersecurity.

The expanded course offerings are another example of the University’s renewed focus on, and commitment to, a quality small private liberal arts university experience for every student at The Woods. 

“At William Woods, our commitment is to providing professions-based studies that support today’s and tomorrow’s careers,” said Dr. Jeremy Moreland, President of William Woods University. “Expanding our quality academic degree offerings will provide students with more degree options to help meet their professional goals, while developing skills that are in-demand by employers.”

Here is more detail on the new offerings:

Ed.D. in Adult Learning

The online EdD in Adult Learning is designed to equip professionals from various fields with essential instructional strategies that are necessary to train adults. Doctoral students will acquire knowledge in adult learning theory, learn to develop programs for working adults, and master leadership skills that address the dynamic changes impacting the current adult workforce.

Master of Arts in Psychology

A Psychology degree has wide application to a variety of fields including mental health, education, human services, business, law, human resources, and non-academic research. By taking a generalist approach and by meeting the American Psychology Association’s Core Learning Goals for Master’s Degree Graduates in Psychology (APA, 2018), students will gain a broad knowledge base that can be applied to a wide range of professions. This degree program will be attractive to students who plan to go on to pursue a Ph.D in Psychology or related areas of study or individuals who are looking for advancement in their career, as well as those who look ahead to a doctoral program. Offering this degree in an online format provides flexibility for individuals who are already in the career field.

B.F.A Digital Filmmaking

For students interested in entertainment, advertising/commercial video, YouTube, film studies, cinematography, video editing, screenwriting / script writing, directing, producing, sound design, music videos, short films, and feature films.

BAS in Workforce Management

The BAS degree will provide a shorter path to obtaining a bachelor’s degree than meeting the requirements of a BS degree for associate of applied science and associate of science degree holders who transfer to WWU. It is designed to increase the managerial abilities of graduates who are skilled technicians and wish to move into supervisory roles.

Equine Media Minor

Horse sales, marketing, competition, and major organizations are heavily recruiting media savvy employees.  Students with video, digital, writing, and social media experience are desirable hires in almost every sector of the industry.  While WWU offers a current concentration in Equine Media, embedded in the Equine General Studies major, the opportunity to pursue an Equine Media minor would hold appeal for Equestrian Science and Equestrian Administration majors as well as equestrian students who have moved to non-equestrian majors. 

Cybersecurity Minor

Students can pair a Cybersecurity minor with any major.  Cybersecurity minors benefit from a hands-on training in the WWU Cybersecurity lab, learning to protect organizations both large and small from cyber threats, which are on the rise.