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William Woods establishes new Institute for Ethical Leadership and Character, pioneering a new era in leadership development

In an initiative aimed at shaping future leaders of integrity, today William Woods University (WWU) announced the establishment of its new Institute for Ethical Leadership and Character. A priority of WWU President Jeremy Moreland, the institute underscores the university’s commitment to fostering ethical leadership and character development.

Taking a pioneering approach to academic programs, graduate education, research and grant projects, the mission of the Institute for Ethical Leadership and Character will be to build ethical leadership capacity and character to address complex global problems, creating transformative opportunities for students, organizations and communities. The initiative will be spearheaded by WWU Vice President Dr. Tony Andenoro, who will bring a wealth of experience and commitment to shaping ethical leaders to his new role.

“The Institute for Ethical Leadership and Character aligns with the core values of William Woods, reinforcing our commitment to producing leaders who will positively impact society,” said President Moreland. “We are proud to have Dr. Tony Andenoro lead this initiative and look forward to the institute’s significant contributions to global leadership development.”

The core features of the institute will include innovative academic programs, instilling ethical leadership principles in students across disciplines that prepare graduates to navigate complex challenges; rigorous graduate education, a flagship of the institute, providing aspiring leaders with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to make ethically informed decisions in dynamic environments; research and grant projects that contribute to the academic discourse on ethical leadership, addressing contemporary challenges by creating solutions that resonate globally; and global leadership partnerships with leading organizations and institutions worldwide, providing unique opportunities for students, fostering research partnerships and community engagement.

“We are excited to empower a dynamic team of faculty, staff and students to guide this initiative toward excellence in higher education leadership learning,” said Dr. Andenoro.

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