Why I’m Getting My MBA

ryan-graduationIt was the small class size, close-knit community, and proximity to my hometown that made me decide to call William Woods University home for four years while I completed my undergraduate degree. During my time here, I was extremely involved in campus and community life through athletics, various campus organizations, and community service. I also formed strong relationships with many faculty and staff. I graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in biology, with minors in business and chemistry.

I know I want to enter the health care industry, but rather than head out immediately into a career, I decided to go for my MBA. And I knew there was no better place for me to continue my education than at William Woods.

I’m now pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership here on campus, along with a great cohort of about 15 other people. And it’s exactly what I needed. Here are some of the reasons why I chose to get my MBA:

1. The MBA in 5 Program

The MBA in 5 that William Woods offers allowed me to start taking business classes my senior year and then finish up the next year. This is very important to me for two reasons:

First, it allowed me to start while still being an undergraduate. This means I didn’t have to cover the full cost of graduate school tuition.

Second, I will be a graduate student for one year instead of two. This will allow me to graduate in 2017 and move on to either medical school or a health care-related graduate program.

Another added benefit of the MBA in 5 program is its flexible with any undergraduate degree. As probably the only biology major currently in the program, it was very easy for me to get a business minor and transition into the MBA program. And I have never once felt overwhelmed or left behind.


2. Every Industry Is a Business

I always knew I wanted to go into the health care industry. Currently, I am applying to various medical schools and other health-related graduate programs.

My dad is the one who suggested I complete my MBA. He said that regardless of what industry I go into, everything is a business. It doesn’t matter the field—every job involves budgeting time and resources, working with others, and communication. Through the program, I think I have refined those skills and made myself more marketable, regardless of the ultimate field I chose.

I believe the MBA program is great because it is relevant to every career choice. Take a physician for example. If I am able to become a doctor, I will be the leader of a team and tasked with healing patients. I will have to work with a staff of nurses, physician assistants, and techs to properly treat patients and their symptoms.


3. It Allows for Flexibility

One of the reasons I chose the William Woods MBA program was because I was allowed the freedom to design my own business plan. As I’m interested in the health care industry, I wanted to design my own urgent care clinic. This idea is very different than the merchandise-based businesses that many of my peers are designing. However, I was greatly encouraged to explore this idea and make it my own.

My urgent care clinic is to be based in a low-income area and specialize in affordable care for those in need, regardless of if they have insurance or not. Many clinics will turn away patients without insurance, meaning my idea is very innovative. I think having a business plan for my own urgent care clinic is something that will make me extremely unique in medical school interviews.

Another added benefit of the MBA program at William Woods is that it allows me to continue my college baseball career. I redshirted my freshman year after having labrum surgery and the MBA program is perfect for me because it lets me continuing playing while earning another degree.


4. An MBA Makes for a Well-Rounded Leader

The MBA program has really enhanced my abilities in several key areas.

The classes focus a great deal on presentations and discussions. When I first began this program, I was not a polished public speaker and was often nervous speaking in front of a crowd. Through this experience, my communication skills have vastly improved and I have gained the confidence to be a successful public speaker.

I have had to take a look at my business through the perspective of a marketer, accountant, legal advisor, website developer, and human resources personnel. I have created a website, produced advertisements, wrote a marketing plan, and learned about the economic trends of the healthcare industry. These different perspectives have given me valuable insight into the collaboration necessary to create a successful business.

My leadership skills have also greatly progressed. Through this program, I have been tasked with not only planning my business, but also managing it. I feel this program has prepared me to be an effective manager, regardless of the field I choose to go into.