WWU’s Student Assembly Serves Campus Community

There is an organization at William Woods University that serves the entire campus community, especially the students. The organization, Student Assembly, is a student-run body in which all students have full membership.
brittany_lenhart-for-webStudent Assembly is designed to increase effective communication among students and the rest of the university. Junior Brittany Lenhart, an American Sign Language Studies/ASL-English Interpreting/Psychology major from Eureka, Mo., chairs the organization.
“I thought that this would be a great opportunity to make a difference,” Lenhart said. “My main goal is to educate students about Student Assembly and inform them they have an outlet to express any concerns, as well as have the same opportunity to become involved.”
According to Lenhart, students can get involved by “attending meetings, bringing new ideas to better the campus or joining committees.”
The committees overseen by Student Assembly include
  • Campus Activities Board (plans and coordinates social activities on campus),
  • Student Finance Committee (allocates funds to student organizations), and
  • Campus Standards Board (hears student violations of policies and standards of the university according to the policies in the Student Handbook).alaina_leverenz2-for-web
Sophomore Alaina Leverenz, a communications and graphic design major from Centralia, Mo., is recording secretary of Student Assembly.
“I love being able to be the voice of the students, as well as knowing everything that’s going on and being able to relay it to other students,” said Leverenz.
Dr. Venita Mitchell, vice president and dean of students, sponsors Student Assembly.
“Student Assembly’s purpose is to serve as a voice of the students and provide an open forum where students may voice concerns, share ideas and form linkages within the community,” she said.
Leverenz believes students should get involved in Student Assembly.
“If you want to see our campus flourish, you should share your improvement ideas,” she said. “We enhance this campus all together as students. If you have ever had a complaint or idea, you have a place in Student Assembly!”