WWU to promote smart money management skills among college students

William Woods University will host Making It Count’s
“Ultimate Money Skills: College,” a financial success presentation created to
educate and empower college students to develop smart money management skills.

Making It Count, an educational service provider for students
and a business unit of Monster Worldwide Inc., is teaming up with Bank of
America to provide the free presentation tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 15) at 3:30
p.m. in Dulany Auditorium.
The “Ultimate Money Skills: College” program provides
students with an understanding of appropriate credit card use, how to develop
and follow a budget, banking options, how to protect their identity and the
importance of saving.
Students and administration who have attended this program
found the presentation extremely valuable and effective. The presentation is
supplemented by ultimatemoneyskills.com, which offers more information on the
topics covered, as well as an opportunity for students to submit solutions to
money-related challenges, provide their own money tips and read a
money-management blog, written by college students.
For more information about the presentation contact Amy
Dittmer, director of career services and student success, at amy.dittmer@williamwoods.edu or
573-592-4313 or go online to www.makingitcount.com.