WWU to Observe Alcohol Responsibility Week Oct. 17-21

Monday, Oct. 17:

11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

DUI Simulator

Outside of Tucker Dining Hall

(Rain plan: Multipurpose Room, Helen Stephens Sports Complex)
Experience a series of special short driving scenarios that will illustrate
the adverse effects of driving while impaired.

Tuesday, Oct. 18:

4:30 p.m.

Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies & Alcohol

Library Auditorium

Spin the Bottle offers an indispensable critique of the role that contemporary popular culture plays in glamorizing excessive drinking and high-risk behaviors.
Award-winning media critics Jackson Katz and Jean Kilbourne
contrast these distorted representations with the often disturbing and dangerous ways that alcohol consumption affects the lives of real young men and women.

Wednesday, Oct. 19:

8 p.m.

The Effects of Alcohol!

Library Auditorium

Lieutenant Hessman of the Missouri Highway Patrol will speak on “The Effects of Alcohol.” He will talk about intoxication levels, how alcohol can affect your body,
and Missouri State Law in regards to alcohol.

Thursday, Oct. 20:


Mocktails at Club Tucker

Tucker Dining Hall

Join the Community Life staff for a mocktail.

All events sponsored by Community Life. For more information, contact Chandra Daffer, director of Greek life and student involvement, at chandra.daffer@williamwoods.edu or (573) 592-1658.