WWU to Host World Renowned Classical Trainer

One of the world’s foremost classical trainers, Walter Zettl, will hold a dressage training clinic July 16-18 at William Woods University. Zettl’s clinic is part of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF)/Premier Dressage Adult Clinic Series.

Zettl is the author of “Dressage in Harmony.” During his clinics he stresses his philosophy that the relationship between horse and rider must be a “matter of trust” and only when that trust is established can they experience “dressage in harmony.”

According to Laura Kelly, USDF programs coordinator, “In the clinic itself, Mr. Zettl is primarily concerned with working on the horse’s training issues, rather than correcting the rider’s every fault.”

She added, “He never wavers from his philosophy that the well being of the horse comes first. He is entirely opposed to any rushed, harsh training methods, which have become entirely too popular these days…Mr. Zettl’s special sympathy for the horse is obvious in everything he does, and he has the ability to really move the audience with this compassion.”

Eight riders from across the state will join this sympathetic trainer who is best known for training top riders in the 1984 Canadian Olympics team and Ontario’s young riders, whom he coached to three consecutive team gold medals at the FEI North American Young Rider’s Championships.

For more information on the Zettl Dressage Clinic at WWU or on USDF, contact Kelly at (859) 271-7877.