WWU to Host Series of Talks with Religious Theme

Travis Tamerius, chaplain at William Woods University, is planning two public talks, each with its own message.

“Rock and Roll and the Search for Redemption” is the first event, scheduled for 4 p.m. Monday (Jan. 28) in Burton Business Building, room 006.

“Whose Side is God On?” is the second program. Focusing on the use and abuse of religion and politics, it will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday (Jan. 29) in Thurmond Chapel.
Both talks are free and open to the public.

In the first, Jason Zoellers, a student of music history and a practicing therapist, will discuss the emotional power of music and its influence on the daily lives of people. The lecture will explore music from all generations and look at how it tells a story, reveals the human condition and shapes the soul.

His talk is part of the “Table Talk at the Woods” series. In its fourth year of existence, the series is geared toward integrating faith with the public life of students. More events will be held in the upcoming months.

In “Whose Side is God On?,” the Rev. Thom Smith will provide an in-depth look at the history of how God is used to defend both sides of an issue in political debates about such issues as the death penalty, abortion and war.

Smith’s program is part of the “Toward a Just and Peaceful Society: Musings on the Politics of Power” series. The series focuses attention on the use and abuse of power in contemporary American life. It is sponsored by the Higher Education & Leadership Ministries (HELM) of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.