WWU to Host PeaceJam Slam

William Woods University will host a one-day PeaceJam Slam on March 28, with approximately 100 high school students from Missouri and neighboring states expected to attend.

PeaceJam is an on-going, international education program featuring Nobel Peace Prize winners who work personally with youth to pass on the spirit, skills and wisdom they embody.

Many of the students who are expected to participate also attended the Heartland PeaceJam Youth Conference hosted by WWU in November. Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum of Guatemala was the featured speaker at that conference.

Previously Jody Williams of the United States, best known for her struggle to ban land mines, visited William Woods for a PeaceJam conference.

Through learning about and meeting these master-peacemakers, youth between the ages of 14 and 19 come to realize the truth of “one person making a difference.”

During the PeaceJam Slam, students will attend a number of workshops and hear a panel discussion of life in the Islamic world led by college students.

Workshop topics will include Islam 101 (Muslim Speakers Bureau), domestic violence (“In Her Shoes” presentation related to the CARDV organization), a presentation about the work of the organization Fight for the Children, Campus and Community Activism, and two movie viewing discussions (Forbidden Iran and The Story of Stuff).

Following the conference, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for the Heartland PeaceJam Youth Conference in November will be announced.