WWU to host Get Out of Your Bubble, diversity program

DOD-Workshops-logo-300x300An organization that encourages people to engage in a changing world through learning, laughter and dialogue will make a presentation at William Woods University.

Dialogues on Diversity will present Get Out Of Your Bubble!, a program that looks at racism and bias through the lens of humor, at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 25, in Cutlip Auditorium. The program, sponsored by Cyndi Koonse, coordinator of multicultural affairs, is free and open to the public.

A consulting group of education and artistic professionals, Dialogues on Diversity offers a range of GOOYB-Logo-2approaches to help institutions reach specific diversity goals.

Through a comic presentation, Get Out Of Your Bubble! shows students a slice of the changing world that they went to college to prepare themselves for and how taking advantage of all the resources offered at their institution will make them more knowledgeable, diverse and marketable in a far more competitive world.

Ron Jones, director of dialogues and diversity
Ron Jones, director of dialogues and diversity

Ron Jones, director of dialogues and diversity, will present what he promises will be an insightful and thought-provoking program, and attendees will be asked to participate in a conversation on multiculturalism and expanding worldviews.

He will invite students, faculty, staff and members of the community to explore challenging realities, such as racism and stereotyping, through the use of humor, while getting important, thought-provoking points across.

Experienced in using humor, Jones has been a performing member of such troupes as ImprovBoston, StageCoach improv and the U.S. Improvisational Theatre League. While humor is the tone, the underlying message is still clear and present.

Get Out Of Your Bubble! inspires students to see college for the great adventure that it can be. According to Jones, college should be the beginning of a journey that helps students expand their vision of a world so much greater then themselves. The wealth of language, culture and life experiences found on most campuses can be breathtaking.

The focus is to get college students to embrace the best qualities of the college experience, not just uselarry-and-ron2 the time in college to gain a job at the end. Experiences outside the classroom can provide a more well-rounded experience.

Jones said, “We live in a country that is fast changing and diversifying in way that previous generations never had to think about. Much of it is taking place on campuses all over the country. Additionally, current social and economic shifts have made our workforce more multi-generational, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural that ever before.”

Dialogues on Diversity believes that the college experience is a journey where students can expand their visions and their minds. A wealth of language, culture and life experiences exist on a college campus that students are not likely to experience again.