WWU to Host Event for National Day of Service

National Day of Service is Monday (Jan. 19) and William Woods University faculty and students are doing their part to ensure that the troops receive support and thanks by hosting a greeting card workshop.


Terry Martin, WWU professor of art, learned that usaservice.org was looking for organizations, groups or volunteers across the country who could host an event for National Service Day. Seeing this as both an opportunity for students and the community, Martin agreed to not only host an event, but send out 50 invitations to community members.


Participants will receive blank cards and envelopes to decorate. Once finished, the cards will be sent to deployed soldiers who will then pick them out and write in them for their children and families. Cards will feature themes appealing to children of the military and convey messages of love, hope and well-being.


Martin believes this is a great opportunity for everyone involved.


“First and foremost, these cards show our troops that someone cares enough about what they are doing to do something for them. It’s a way for troops to actually see and receive support and thanks from people back home.”


National Day of Service is part of the Renew America Together initiative that honors the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and others who lived in service of others.