WWU Theatre to hold open auditions Wednesday

The William Woods University Theatre Department will hold open auditions Wednesday (Jan. 11) for the third main-stage
production of the year, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940″ by John Bishop. Auditions will be held at
7 p.m. in Dulany
Auditions are open to anyone
interested in the
community. No children’s roles
are available.  Wear comfortable clothing
that allows
freedom of movement. Perusal scripts are available in the library on
the William Woods campus. For further
information, call the theatre department at 592-4281.
Billed as a farce, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940″
starts with the production team of a recent
Broadway flop traveling to a
Westchester estate. There they will visit the
wealthy backer of their next show.
The estate has sliding doors, secret passageways and a German
maid who has to be
seen to be believed. Soon strange things start happening as sprung
knives, dead bodies and masked figures begin to appear.
Are these murders the work of the diabolical “Stage Door
Slasher?” To make matters worse, a blizzard traps everyone at the
estate, making it impossible to leave. Just when it seems the worst, a bumbling
police inspector snow shoes onto the estate to investigate.
According to Joe
Potter, assistant professor and
artistic director of theatre, “Murders” is a hilarious evening of