WWU SWAT Hosts ‘World’s Worst Farmer’

Lewis Baumgartner, one of America’s leading farm humorists, has a reputation as the “World’s Worst Farmer.” The William Woods SWAT (Student Website Advancement Team) created a video with highlights of Baumgartner’s speaking engagements to allow his unique humor and hilarious anecdotes to live on.


SWAT will show this movie on Tuesday (April 13) at 5:30 in the Library Auditorium. This event is free and open to the public. After the movie, Baumgartner and his wife will answer questions.


Baumgartner has been speaking professionally as the “World’s Worst Farmer.”  for more than 20 years. In his long career, he has brought fun and laughter to more than 1,100 meetings and conventions, in locations all over the United States and much of Canada. His main goal is a clean and fun performance that will make his audience laugh and think.


In his own words, “If I laugh at myself first… I’ve beat the neighbors to it!”


In 2007, Baumgartner had his first stoke, and a second stroke followed in 2008. This left him with limited speech. Hoping to preserve highlights of his long and humorous career, SWAT developed a movie showing some of the best moments of his speaking engagements. In this way, his sparkling wit and hilarious tales of woe will continue to entertain and inspire audiences everywhere.


“There are people that you meet in your life that you will never forget, not just because they change your life for the better, but because you become a better person having known them. Lewis and Janice are two of those people. It was been a privilege for SWAT to have produced this movie for them, and they are a delight to work with,” said Alicia Jones, a SWAT member from Waverly, Mo.


“Seeing Lewis here today and all that he has and will accomplish after his two strokes show he is really living what he has said. It is easy to say something, but another to actually live by your words.”


For more information, contact Linda Davis, WWU professor of management information systems, at (573) 592-4382 or ldavis@williamwoods.edu.


Additional information can be found about Lewis Baumgartner on his website, http://www.worldsworstfarmer.com, or by contacting him at (573) 642-1183 or lewis@worldsworstfarmer.com.