WWU Students Receive Awards for Portfolio Excellence

Woods University students in the art, communications and theatre departments
recently received awards during annual portfolio awards.

presented their portfolios to a panel of judges consisting of various faculty
and successful members of the community. They were judged in a variety of
categories based on the work they’ve done at WWU and the expectation for their
grade level.
purpose of portfolio reviews is to ensure students are developing crucial
skills for their future career in their given field. Awards are given to those
who have excelled in their subject.
students earned awards in theatre: Katherine Carney, St. Peters, Mo.,
professional presentation; Stephan Chamineak, Hazelwood, Mo., dedication to
craft; and Paige Runge, St. Louis, Mo., artistic growth.
communications, four students received awards: Ilana Archuleta, Fulton, Mo.,
professional presentation; Phoebe Brown, Alameda, Calif., creativity; Lincoln
Purvis, Montgomery City, Mo., technical approach; and Derek McCawley, Phoenix,
Ariz., overall growth.
visual art students were award recipients: Sara MacCahon, Jefferson City, Mo., first
place; Joni Purvis, Fulton, Mo., second place; and Julia Peairs, Chandler,
Ariz., third place. Honorable mentions went to Will Terrell, Fulton, Mo.;
Ashley DePew, Highland, Ill.; and Katherine Iffrig, Moscow Mills,