WWU Students Experience Service-Learning through Roundabout Project

RoundaboutThe construction of a new roundabout on Business 54 in Fulton has met with mixed reactions. Some residents perceive it as an annoying traffic disruption, while others see it as a beneficial addition to the road system.


The roundabout is intended to improve the flow of traffic at the Route O and Second Street intersection on Business 54, and a group of William Woods University students is attempting to make it easier for residents to follow the construction.


The 12 students in Murphy Tetley’s networking and telecommunications class are working on a service-learning project that involves setting up a camera at the intersection and taking one picture each day at noon. Those pictures will be “put together” in a string at the end of the project. Anyone will be able to view the live streaming video by choosing a link on a web site.


Of course, that is assuming everything goes smoothly.


“I give it a 50/50 chance,” said Tetley. “There are many complications, many elements, and many milestones that have to happen before the switch is turned on. If any of those elements is missing, this won’t happen.”  


But the point of the project is not necessarily success.


“The main thing is the students are going to gain a great deal of infrastructure  and networking knowledge based on all the elements required to put up a webcam that people can view on the Internet,” Tetley said.


The class hopes to have the camera up and running by the end of September so Fulton residents will be able to watch the final stages of construction and view the ribbon-cutting ceremony that should occur around the first of December


“If they can see the ribbon-cutting and see how traffic’s flowing,” Tetley said, “it will provide a sense of accomplishment and show that the new road system makes it easier to do business on 54.”



CUTLINE: William Woods University students are attempting to make it easier for residents to follow the construction of the new roundabout in Fulton.