WWU Students Build a Mystery Game

William Woods University students will mix mystery with creativity in honor of best-selling author, Rita Mae Brown, who set her latest book on the WWU campus.


Book coverMatt Dube and Stephanie Wells, assistant professors of English, will lead a fun-spirited event about WWU mysteries at 3 p.m. Monday, April 26, in Woody’s, on the lower level of Tucker Dining Hall.


Participants will play board games based on the popular game, CLUE. Students created and designed the board games during an event held recently by Dube and Erick Hillskemper, another assistant professor of English.


“I gave students a brief description of the plot of Brown’s book and told them how it could be transformed into a CLUE game. Then, I asked them about potential mysteries that they could see on the William Woods campus and asked them to design a CLUE board that would incorporate locations on our campus and asked them to come up with suspects, weapons, etc.,” said Dube.


“It was a lot of fun,” said Nickol Enss, an English major who helped create a WWU-centered CLUE board. “I enjoy thinking and writing creatively, and I look forward to playing the other mystery board games my peers created.”


Responsible for all the mystery buzz on campus is WWU enthusiast, Rita Mae Brown, the author of about 40 books, including several mysteries she has “co-authored” with her cat, Sneaky Pie Brown.


Brown, who will be the guest speaker at this year’s spring commencement, chose the WWU campus as the location of her latest mystery novel, “Cat of the Century.”


“It’s always exciting when you can meet and draw inspiration from a published author, and who doesn’t like a little mystery?” said Enss.