WWU riders win championships at Pinto World

Riders and horses from William Woods University earned 18
World Champion and Reserve World
Champion titles, in addition to
high point awards, at
the 2013 Pinto World Championships in Tulsa, Okla.,
this summer.   
“The show is one of the largest single breed horse shows in the country
and had more than 8,000 entries
from the United States
and Canada,” Jennie
Petterson, chair of the WWU equestrian studies division and western
instructor, said.  
“William Woods sent three western horses
and four riders, and the competition was an overwhelming success. This
international competition gives WWU students a chance to show the equine
competition community how professional and proficient they are at managing,
riding and prepping show horses.”
Horses and riders were competing for the World Champion title,
and championship silver belt buckles were awarded for the World and Reserve World
Champions in each
class.  The show features stock,
hunter, pleasure and saddle type divisions.  WWU horses competed in halter,
English and western events.
“I can’t explain what a thrill it was to be so successful at
this competitive horse show,” Petterson said.  “I am very proud of our
students and horses, and the hard work they put in to prepare
for this event.”
She added, “It’s so much work to be at a show of this caliber for two
weeks, but the students came through with poise and professionalism.  Their success is
a testament to the strength of the equestrian program.” 
Amateur team tournament—Reserve
Amateur Hippology—Reserve
Competing in the all-around
Danielle Heerdt of Villa Park, Ill., and WV Kyss of
Fame —4x World Champion, 3x Reserve World
Champion, eight top 10 awards and high point Amateur
Pleasure/Saddle Type Horse
Katie Bigge of LakePanasoffkee, Fla., and Balido KA —2x
World Champion, 4x Reserve World
Champion, 10 top ten awards and reserve high point Amateur
Pleasure/Saddle Type Horse
Competing in English, Western and
Emily Triesch of Chula Vista, Calif., and Tarbask
DesertIndian—World Champion and five top 10 awards; also high point Amateur in Hippology
Competing in English, Western and
Jennifer Petterson of Fulton, Mo., and Balido KA—World
Petterson and Tarbask DesertIndian—World Champion and one top
ten award
Petterson and WV Kyss of Fame—2x Reserve World
Champion and two top 10 awards
“I was excited to be able compete personally this year, and am
so grateful to the horses for giving me some great rides at just the right
moment,” Petterson said.  “It is an honor to be a part of the successful
show career of our university horses.”
Western riders
from William Woods University (left to right) Jennifer Petterson, Emily Triesch,
Katie Bigge and Danielle Heerdt—champions all
Prizes won by William Woods University riders and horses at
Pinto World

Danielle Heerdt
Katie Bigge
Emily Triesch
Jennifer Petterson