WWU recognized for providing high quality education at affordable price

Woods University has been recognized for providing high quality education at an
affordable price. The College Database has
released its list of the
top Missouri
colleges with the highest financial return on investment.

was one of five private
not-for-profit schools recognized.  In addition, 11
public universities and one private
for-profit institution made the list.
distinction stems from a new metric created by the College Database.
Schools on the list have annual tuition
rates below $20,000, and new graduates who earn more than
$30,000 per year, on average. WWU
students enter the workforce
earning an estimated $32,400 per year after graduation, ranking it among the most
financially effective of all Missouri post-secondary
“We knew we were doing a good job of
keeping our costs low and preparing our students well for careers
and life after college, but it
is always nice to be recognized for our accomplishments,” Dr. Jahnae H.
Barnett, WWU president, said.
“What the College Database did not
take into account is
our LEAD program, which makes a
William Woods education even more affordable. LEAD rewards students with a $5,000 tuition
reduction each year for
attending lectures, art
openings, educational events, theatre productions, leadership workshops and
athletic competition,” she explained.
LEAD is designed to expand students’ interests and enrich their university
experience. It is available to any student, regardless of financial need, who agrees to
make the commitment to
campus and community involvement.
the cost of college a
concern for many families, it’s important
for students to find a school that produces
successful, well-paid
graduates. Therefore, it’s equally
important to recognize the colleges and universities that offer both
quality and affordable post-secondary

College Database is a
free, non-commercial website
dedicated to providing current and future post-secondary
students and their families
with accurate and valuable college- and
career-related information. The College Database  uses only the most highly respected,
authoritative data sets from the federal government
and the Carnegie Foundation.
very well deserved ‘Congratulations’
to William Woods University! And a huge thank you for being an affordable
educational option for
thousands of students,” said Katrina Silberstein, managing director, Communication
and Partnerships, the College Database.


2013 William Woods University graduates participate in the Ivy
Ceremony, knowing they have received a high quality education at an affordable