WWU prepares students for ‘Life Outside the Woods’

Faculty and staff are teaming up all across William Woods
University’s campus to teach students “life skills” they wouldn’t necessarily
learn in the classroom.

The next event in the series will be “Professional Internet
Do’s and Don’ts,” scheduled for 1 p.m. Nov. 10 in the library auditorium.
Murphy Tetley, instructor of management information systems, will be the
The series started last year as a collaboration between
Debbie Schick, office and LEAD coordinator for the Office of Student Life, and Cherie
Meeks, director of career services and student transition. It has continued
this year with Amy Dittmer, the new director of career services and student
“We’ve called it “Life Outside the Woods” because we’re
really hoping that students will take this information with them when they
leave the Woods,” explained Schick.
The events range from professional etiquette tips, to
healthcare after college, to legal advice. They are spread out over the course
of the year, and are usually held over the lunch hour to make them accessible
to students.
“We’ve even had students contact us about event ideas. If
there’s something students are asking about, we want to do our best to inform
them,” said Schick.
Maybe the best thing about this event series is that it
connects the entire WWU community to one another.
“The Office of Student Life has reached out to our faculty,
staff, community and alumni and they’ve been more than willing to come and
present on topics in their areas of expertise,” said Dittmer.
Jenny Kesel, a senior from Catawissa, Mo., attended the business
attire fashion show.
“I thought it was a really fun way to demonstrate appropriate
and inappropriate business attire,” she said.
More than 200 students attended the business attire fashion
show in October, and close to 50 students attended a presentation on rental and
lease agreements in September by Cynthia Kramer, professor of legal studies.

topics will include ultimate money skills, stress in the workplace and cocktail
party etiquette.