WWU Plans Second Red Carpet Showcase to Celebrate Student Films

The Academy Awards
are over for the
year, and the Oscars have been
handed out. But William Woods University
is sponsoring its own Red Carpet Showcase,
complete with miniature  Oscars.
Featuring student and alumni films, the
Red Carpet Showcase will be held at 7 p.m. April 30 at
B & B Fulton
Cinema 8, 521 Commons Dr. It is free
and open to the public.
The first Red Carpet Showcase was
held a year ago. Arriving in a limo, students
came dressed for the star-studded event in evening gowns
and even some tuxedos to walk the red carpet to
the cheers of their adoring
fans (mostly their parents,
professors and other students). They signed autographs and posed for pictures.
The event is a celebration of WWU student and alumni films
produced by communication majors in the arts
division during the 2011-2012 academic year. Three student films and two radio
plays will headline
the event.
The showcase features
fictional short films
starring several members of the William Woods and Fulton communities, as well
as documentaries researched across various disciplines. It also displays radio
and television
excerpts from WWU’s broadcasting program.
Film and theatre students will arrive to walk
the red carpet at 6:30 p.m. to greet
guests and the media. The show
begins at 7 p.m. in Cinema 8’s large
digital auditorium and will end around 9 p.m.
Awards will be given at
the end of the night for achievements in performance
and technical talent.
The program:
The Telescope  (Romantic Silent Drama) PG-13   7 minutes
Frank Baker, a young astronomer who hardly has
time for a personal life, habitually loses sleep while working overtime late nights at
his local
observatory, much to the dismay of his boss. 
However, when a chance meeting in the library
stacks introduces Frank to Matilda, a young girl fascinated
with outer space, their sudden
friendship quickly turns into a
star-driven romance.  Frank finds himself
happily trying to balance his tiring work life and his energetic new love
life.  But will his
dedication to his work and lack of sleep strengthen his relationship with
Matilda, or put everything he holds dear at risk?
Written and directed
by Lincoln Purvis of Montgomery City, Mo.
Surprise Dinner    (Dry-Humor Comedy) PG-13      7 minutes
Señor Booger wants to surprise his girlfriend, Mrs.
Robinson, with a spontaneous romantic dinner. 
The only problem is he has no idea how to cook!  Desperate, Booger seeks last-minute
advice from Mrs. Jackson, the pretty woman who lives next
door.  What ensues is a tirade of
blunders, misinterpretations, and “compromising positions” that culminates in a hysterical
climax when both Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Johnson, Jackson’s suspicious boyfriend,
arrive at Booger’s disheveled apartment kitchen earlier than expected.
Written and
directed by Scott Barker of Mexico, Mo.
The Smithtown’s Shadow      (Horror-Thriller)     R    7 minutes
Jim Teachenor is a newspaper editor for the
Smithtown Gazette, a modest publication centered in a small town of the same
name where a recent rash of multiple killings is the biggest story to have hit
the area in decades.  Having written all the
news articles covering these murders, Teachenor’s current story on the latest homicide takes a
horrifying twist when one of his late work nights
begins with the discovery of his boss’s lifeless body. Now Jim must discover
the identity of the Smithtown murderer to save
himself while trapped alone inside the dark newspaper building with no
way out.
Written and directed
by John Couper of Columbia, Mo.
Marena Nelson: Private Eye (Radio Play ““ Noir/Mystery)  PG      15 minutes
Gillian Tracey, a woman who secretly
moonlights as a private detective,
Marena Nelson, behind her husband’s
back, gets a call from Vince Bailey, right hand man to mob boss,
Carlo Gambino.  Tony Burnett, the subject of a local police
investigation has gone missing.  But as Marena
pursues her work on what
should be a
simple case, she discovers compromising evidence suggesting her husband’s
journalistic work at The Daily Mirror may also have ties to the town’s organized
Performed and recorded earlier in front of a
live audience in Dulany