WWU Offers MBA Degree with Human Resources Emphasis

In a continuing effort to meet the needs of working adults, William Woods University will soon offer Columbia area residents an opportunity to pursue either a master of business administration (MBA) degree or an MBA with human resources emphasis.

Both programs will begin with an orientation at 6 p.m. Feb. 24 at the William Woods facility in Columbia, located at 3100 Falling Leaf Ct.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the university’s Graduate and Adult Studies program prior to then, but walk-ins will be accepted. Call 1-800-995-3199 or contact WWU by e-mail at cgas@williamwoods.edu.

Developed for the full-time working adult, both MBAs are 36-hour programs. The human resources concentration is intended for the professional who is involved in management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the people who work for the organization.

The HR program focuses on three distinct areas of human resources: Employment Law and Labor Relations; Compensation and Benefits, and Performance Management, Training and Development.

“In recent years, increased attention has been devoted to how organizations manage human resources,” Brian Lemons, director of business programs for WWU’s Graduate and Adult Studies, said.

“This increased attention comes from the realization that an organization’s employees enable an organization to achieve its goals, and the management of these human resources is critical to an organization’s success.”

According to Lemons, the HR concentration was developed with the belief that organizational success is based not on conventional factors like large size, unique image, perfect market niche or dominant market share, but on how employees are treated.

“The career outlook for HR professionals is strong,” he said. “External events related to corporate reorganization, global competition and changes in workforce demographics represent long-term trends that have transformed the way organizations interact with employees. HR professionals are in a pivotal position in terms of these challenges.”

According to Lemons, the MBA with human resources emphasis is unique to mid-Missouri. William Woods also offers MBAs with concentrations in accounting and health management.

As with the other programs, the HR one was developed after “extensive research to determine what employees are seeking today,” he said. “The three focus areas embrace the core competencies employees are looking for.”

Lemons said that faculty for all Graduate and Adult Studies business programs are leaders in the business community, who bring years of practical professional experience to the classroom.

According to Betsy Tutt, WWU vice president of external initiatives, the university’s MBA programs provide the classes people need “to make sound judgments necessary for assuming leadership roles in the business of managing people.”

She explained that classroom activities of the entire curriculum are designed to provide the proper blend of theory and practice, thereby making for a truly applications-oriented program.

More information is available on the William Woods website at www.williamwoods.edu.