WWU makes donation to animal shelter

Donate $2 and you can vote for your favorite charity and wear
jeans to work. That was the ploy used by the junior class at William Woods
University to raise money that was donated to the Garrett Animal Shelter in

Junior class representatives recently presented the $100 donation to Tina Barnes, animal control supervisor. The money was raised during CourtWarming earlier this
spring. Faculty and staff were given the opportunity to choose between the
animal shelter, Faith Maternity Center and SERVE.  The charity getting the most votes then
received all the money collected.
“The junior class plans CourtWarming, and we wanted to get
the faculty and staff involved,” Amy Gibson, junior class president, said. “We
decided this would be an incentive for them because they would decide where
they wanted the money to go—and they would get to wear jeans for a day.”
Junior class officers Gibson, Alicia Delaney, Mary Raines
Scriber, Shelby Jobe, Beth Oseroff and Darian Lightfoot selected the three
organizations because they were diverse.
“The votes were pretty close,” Gibson said.
Garrett Animal Shelter is a
city-funded shelter that deals only with dogs and cats. The shelter has room
for about 20 dogs and 10 cats, but a campaign is under way to build a larger
Alicia Delaney, Amy Gibson and Mary Raines Scriber
present a donation to Tina
Barnes, animal control supervisor, at Garrett Animal Shelter.