WWU Library Offers Anytime/Anywhere Access to Academic eBook Collection

The William Woods University library now offers anytime/anywhere access to an academic eBook collection. These eBooks can be searched and borrowed over the Internet.

WWU’s Dulany Library is introducing students and faculty to a new way of accessing information by offering a collection of more than 2,000 eBooks from netLibrary. These eBooks are full-text electronic versions of published books that library patrons can search, borrow, read and return over the Internet.

The student body at William Woods University is widely dispersed because WWU offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines in both campus and outreach settings. Because the degree-completion and graduate programs for working adults are now offered in more than 50 locations throughout the state, the library provides numerous research materials to its students and faculty over the Internet.

According to Erlene Dudley, director of Dulany Library, the latest addition to this wealth of electronic resources are eBook titles, now available to faculty and students from any computer connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

“Robust search technology allows users to quickly search across all the eBooks in the collection to identify the reputable published sources of greatest interest at any point in time,” Dudley said.

She explained that users can search across the entire eBook collection for authors, titles, or keywords, and they can search within eBooks for keywords and phrases. eBooks are available for checkout and are automatically checked back into the library collection when the checkout period expires, making the eBook available for another user.

“We are excited to be working with netLibrary to offer eBooks as a new resource that will foster and encourage learning for our students and faculty,” Dudley said. “Since eBooks are accessible anytime of the day or night via the Internet, students unable to use normal library hours will still be able to access these resources.”

More than 2,000 Library eBook titles cover all academic disciplines, including science, social sciences and the humanities, plus collections of specialized study in areas such as business, education, religion and philosophy.

As an added feature, the Houghton Mifflin 4th Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language is embedded into netLibrary eBooks. Users can obtain dictionary definitions simply by clicking on a word in the eBook, or by entering a word in the dictionary search window. Some word definitions are accompanied by audio.