WWU Film Students Gain Experience in Community Productions

William Woods
University’s film club, the Reel Fanatics, will host a film festival designed
to display the talent of novice film directors, actors and editors.

“The First Flight Film
Festival,” will be held at 5 p.m. Feb. 28 at B & B Fulton Cinema 8, 521 Commons Dr., Fulton. The
festival, complete with red carpet and mini-Oscars, is free and open to the
“This is a great opportunity for our students to
showcase the new technologies and new techniques they have learned,” Tony Weed,
instructor of broadcasting and film, said. “We can’t wait to see these short
films on the big screen.”
Throughout the
student-led event, the audience will see a variety of mock ads, music videos
and short films.  Films will run anywhere
from four to16 minutes each during the event that will last approximately an
A Q&A will be held
at the end of the event, and awards that will be presented to the students.
“People who might be
interested in film will have the opportunity to talk with the student
directors,” said Cal Hawkins, president of the Reel Fanatics. “We hope people
in the local and WWU community will come and see what great submissions have
been entered.” 
“Tea for Two,” “A Silent Short” and
“Study Break” by Cal Hawkins;
“Solitude of Happiness,” “The Waiting
Game” and “PS3 mock ad” by Derek McCawley;
“The Telescope” and “The Deal” by
Lincoln Purvis;
“A Scene From the Giver” and “Coca-Cola
mock Ad” by John Couper;
“Skinny Love Music Video” and “Eharmony
mock Ad” by Sally Bohlinger;
“Otherside Music Video” and “Taylormade
mock Ad” by Dillon Klein;
“Vans Mock Ad” and “Sony mock Ad” by
Martell Washington; and
“The Midnight Game” and “Fountain Music
Video” by Drew Arnett.
“The pieces are all of exceptional quality and
really highlight the skills the students have learned over the past year,” Weed
said. “Each piece is unique and thoughtfully put together. We are very proud of
our students’ work and are excited to bring them into the public eye.”
Greg Smith, associate professor of English, added,
“I’m pleased to see the film club growing in numbers this year, and I’m also
very happy with the way our growing student membership has taken active
ownership of the event and collaborated in terms of planning and
promotion. The current communal atmosphere among the Reel Fanatics is
animated and inspiring.”

The club hopes the film
festival will grow to such an extent that anyone from the community will be
able to enter by next year.
 “One of our goals,” Hawkins said, “is to
expand our film department by gathering prospective film students from the
local community.”

Cal Hawkins, president of the Reel Fanatics