WWU Film Group to Screen ‘Seven Beauties’

A community film study group, called The Viewer’s Eye, meets monthly at William Woods University to screen and discuss films. On Tuesday, Feb. 20, the group will screen the 1975 movie “Seven Beauties” (in Italian, with subtitles), and the public is invited to attend.

The Viewer’s Eye will meet at 6 p.m. in Room 112 of the Gladys Woods Kemper Center for the Arts on the WWU campus.

“Seven Beauties,” set during World War II, follows ladies’ man and small-time crook Pasqualino, who deserts the Italian army and is captured by the German Army who sentence him to a prison camp. The film shows him struggle to survive, but includes comic and tragic flashbacks to life with his family, including seven ugly sisters (the seven beauties of the title) and Pasqualino’s accidental murder of one sister’s lover.

Pasqualino profits off the hard labors of his seven “beautiful” sisters, commits despicable acts to uphold his family name, and then does the unthinkable in a concentration camp to save his own skin.

The movie is an aesthetic delight, one that finds comedy in strange places, and is justly considered unforgettable. It was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Giancarlo Giannini and Best Foreign Language film. This is the movie’s Fulton premiere.

Viewer’s Eye is hosted each month by one of the founding members, who selects the film and leads the discussion. Jane Mudd, assistant professor of art, selected this film, stressing that its wartime subject matter was timely, but that its surreal perspective was a take on the subject she hadn’t heard lately.

“It just sounds so normal,” Mudd explained. “To hear the title, you’d think, oh, it’s like a sequel to ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ But that’s not this film.”

“The Viewer’s Eye was created this year to satisfy a desire to have serious conversations about all aspects of film: aesthetics, politics, narrative. Currently, the four founding members are looking for a core of interested cineastes,” said Matt Dube, assistant professor of English.

In addition to Mudd and Dube, the founding members are Greg Smith, assistant professor of English and film studies, and Cate Dodson, hotelier and screenwriter.

For more information, contact Dube at (573) 592-4355 or matt.dube@williamwoods.edu.