WWU announces faculty promotions

William Woods University recently promoted four faculty
members. Linda Duke was promoted to assistant professor of marketing,
while the rest were promoted to associate professor: Allan
Ensor, special education; Stephanie Wells, English; and Elizabeth Wilson,
social work.
Duke is a graduate of
Columbia College, with a B.A. in business
administration with marketing emphasis. She also holds an MBA from WWU and is
pursuing a Doctorate of
Management at Webster University in St.
Louis, Mo. She has been at WWU since 2007.
Featured in the national DECA
magazine and online as a
leading adviser, Duke
was appointed to manage the Missouri
competitive events at national DECA in Anaheim, Calif.
She has also been appointed to the National DECA advisory board in Reston, Va.
Ensor, a nationally
certified school
psychologist, joined the WWU faculty in 2006. He was
the recipient of the 2010 Louis D. Beaumont Dad’s Association Distinguished
Professor Award
for Excellence in Teaching. In addition, he
has received the Truman Ingle Memorial Award from the Missouri School for the Deaf and the Lifetime
Achievement Award from the Missouri
Commission for the Deaf and Hard of
He is a graduate of Pittsburg State
University, with a B.A. in history. He also
holds a B.S.E. in psychology
and special education from Missouri Southern State
University, an M.S. in clinical
psychology from Pittsburg State University
and a Ph.D. in school
psychology from the University of Missouri.
Ensor is president of the
Missouri Association of School
Pyschologists and affiliated with the National Association of School
Psychologists and the Association for
Supervision and Curriculum Development.
Wells joined the WWU
faculty in 2005. She is
a graduate of Missouri State
University, with a B.S. in communication
and an emphasis in
socio-political and organizational communication and an M.A. in communication.
She earned a Ph.D. in communication
from the University of Missouri.
Wilson, a licensed
clinical social worker, earned her B. A. in education
studies, an M.A. in social work,
and a Ph. D. in social work
from the University of Missouri. She
joined the WWU faculty in 2007.  
She is affiliated with
the Professional Advisory Committee
University of Missouri School of Social
Work and the Academy Sub-Committee
for the Missouri Crime
Victim Services Unit Advisory Committee, as
well as chair of the Heart of Missouri United
Way Agency Relations Panel VIII.
Wilson earned the Louis
D. Beaumont Dad’s Association
Distinguished Professor Award
for Excellence in Teaching in 2009, and was
responsible for WWU receiving the John Hartford Gerontology Curriculum
Development Infusion Grant to increase content and training for social work
students in the area of gerontology
in 2008-2010.