William Woods Wins Blood Drive Challenge

blood-driveThe results are in. William Woods University has taken the trophy for the second consecutive year in the annual blood drive challenge between WWU and Westminster College.

The challenge is based on the percentage of presenting donors. William Woods University’s presenting donors equaled 25 percent of their population, while Westminster’s presenting donors equaled 17 percent of their student population.

Each school hosted four blood drives during the academic year—September, November, January and April. Altogether 394 students (202 at WWU and 192 at Westminster) presented to donate blood, resulting in 330 useable pints.

The American Red Cross website states that someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds, adding up to more than 41,000 donations needed daily. A single car accident victim can require up to 100 pints of blood. Despite more than 38 percent of the U.S. being eligible to donate, less than 10 percent do so.

According to American Red Cross donor recruitment representative Amanda Schlottach, the 330 pints of blood donated from both schools is enough for more than 100 red blood cell transfusions.

“Congratulations again to William Woods! A special thanks to both schools and coordinators for all of their help throughout the school year!” she said.

Plans are to continue the competition between the two schools next year.  For more information on how to donate blood and save lives, visit redcrossblood.org.