William Woods to welcome transfer students from community college in Iowa

A new agreement makes it easier for students of a community college in Iowa to transfer to William Woods University to study equestrian science.

The Horse Science Technology Department of Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, signed an articulation agreement with the equestrian studies division at William Woods recently.

The agreement insures that students finishing the specified two-year Associate of Arts in Horse Science Technology at Kirkwood will make a smooth transition as juniors into the four-year equestrian science program at William Woods.

Megan Green, a faculty member at Kirkwood who attended there and finished her bachelor’s degree in equestrian science at William Woods, was the representative from the college. She brought three students with her who would be interested in making the transition to William Woods upon completion of their two-year degree.

Laura Ward, chair of the equestrian studies division, and Jean Kraus, equestrian faculty member who helped set up the articulation, attended the signing along with Betsy Tutt, vice president and academic dean, who signed the agreement for William Woods, and Sherry McCarthy, who directed the articulation agreement process.