William Woods to Host ‘Ultimate Jack-of-All-Trades’

What do peanut shelling, cheesemaking and logging have in common? They are all careers held for a week at a time by Daniel Seddiqui, dubbed by the New York Daily News as the “ultimate jack of all trades.”


William Woods University will host Seddiqui April 28 at 7 p.m. in Cutlip Auditorium as part of the President’s Concert and Lecture Series. It is free and open to the public.


Seddiqui’s project, “Living the Map,” arose from job uncertainty following college graduation – something today’s students can certainly relate to. After failing more than 40 job interviews, he decided to try something new.


His mission was to explore various careers, environments and cultures that America has to offer, with one career per week for each state in the country.


“I was unaware of what life was like outside my bubble. I didn’t know what kind of career I wanted to take on,” said Seddiqui.


His careers included baseball scouting, child counseling, woodworking, coal mining, modeling, maple syrup making, border patrolling and rodeo announcing.


Prior to the adventure’s conclusion, he envisioned a result that would “capture the interest of all demographics; from blue collar and white collar Americans.”


He added, “I loved the adventure of putting myself into a new environment with complete uncertainty. This was a complete thrill because I forced myself to get to meet new people and struggled to make myself satisfied.”


Seddiqui, who spent his final week as a cellar master in California in September of 2009, now travels to share his project with the world.


“My inspiration to travel the country and work various careers comes from the people. Whenever I travel, I am intrigued where people live, and where they work. Nothing is more appealing than the contrasts.”


Upon starting, Seddiqui’s goal was “to help Americans understand each other’s lives and respect each other’s hard work.”


According to his website, he has achieved that goal – comments praising his hard work and inspiration fill the comment board.


The President’s Concert and Lecture Series was created by William Woods University to encourage student and community participation in educational and cultural events. For more information, contact Brenda Foster at (573) 592-4219 or bfoster@williamwoods.edu


More information about Seddiqui is available on his website at www.livingthemap.com.




Daniel Seddiqui, dubbed by the New York Daily News as the “ultimate jack of all trades.”