William Woods students to experience Deaftropolis

TR_IFD_3159Students at William Woods University are being invited to enter a different environment and gain a new perspective of the Deaf community. In Deaftropolis, scheduled for March 16, students will switch roles with members of the Deaf community and enter a world where American Sign Language is used to communicate.

Students will enter the world of Deaftropolis at 6 p.m. on the lower level of the Burton Building on the William Woods University campus. There they will live the everyday lives of members in the Deaf community, doing activities such as visiting the store, bank and post office.

Those who choose to go to the post office will get the chance to write post cards to troops overseas. At the event, aslvideo_indexHiddenparticipants must complete two to three tasks at different locations.

635767304337496619-0901-asl-cop02Volunteers from the community and ASL and interpreting students from WWU will be service providers—a grocery clerk, doctor, postal employee, bank teller, etc. Students participating will have to find a way to overcome communication barriers through signing, gesturing, writing or using an interpreter.

“This activity will give participants the chance to experience how a Deaf person goes about daily affairs in a world that is not readily accessible to them, and see firsthand some of the challenges they overcome,” Becky Davis, instructor of ASL interpreting, said.

A group discussion and debriefing of Deaftropolis will conclude the event. Students will share some of the things they learned from this unique experience, and gain some insight into the world of ASL.