William Woods Students Tell Preschool Children About Trees

Much to the delight of the Fulton Preschool children, members
of the Knowing the Woods Club at William Woods University recently presented a
program about trees.

The WWU students provided an educational program for the
youngsters and read Lois Ehlert’s book, “Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.” 
After the reading, the preschoolers entertained the William
Woods students by performing a song and dance about falling leaves. The WWU students then assisted the youngsters in drawing
Christmas trees.
This was the third year members of Knowing the Woods
presented a tree-related program to the youngsters as a service-learning
project, and Lenhart said group members are looking forward to planning and
participating in future events.
The project was a learning experience, not only for the
preschoolers, but for the members of the Knowing the Woods Club, who learned
that trying to get children at such a young age to understand why trees are so
important to the environment and communities was a difficult task. 
Involved in the project were Brittany Lenhart of Eureka, Mo.,
president, and club members Erica Begley of Hannibal, Mo.; Sadie Herrick of
Washington, Mo.; Courtney Slotar of Simi Valley, Calif.; Elsa Stiles of
Franklin, N.C.; and Katherine Wortmann of Mexico, Mo.
According to Sue Beaty, Fulton Preschool
director, the children really enjoyed the presentation.
“The children enjoyed visiting with the college
students,” she said. “They became more aware of what a gift trees are to us;
that they provide more than shade and leaves to jump in during the fall.” 


Brittany Lenhart reads “Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf,” while Elsa
Stiles and Darian Lightfoot hold up a larger version of the book for the
children to see the illustrations.
Fulton Preschool students entertain WWU students with a song
about falling leaves.

Abby Hansen proudly holds up her drawing of a Christmas tree.
Luke Holland reaches for another crayon to complete his