William Woods Students Caring for Callaway’s Homeless

Students at William Woods University are using their computer expertise to spread the word and garner support for Callaway County’s homeless shelter.


“Anytime you have a skill, it is important to help others,” said Dr. Linda Davis, WWU professor of management information systems (MIS). “This is why MIS students this semester are assisting Wiley House.”


The Wiley House is Fulton’s homeless shelter, open to the homeless of Callaway County. MIS students are in the process of designing, developing and uploading a personalized website to the Internet about the shelter in hopes of spreading information to the public.


“I volunteer on the night shift at the shelter and have seen a wonderful community of volunteers come together to help launch this project,” Davis said.  “After talking to the director of the Wiley House, we realized they are on very limited funds. This is where we can help.” 


“We need the website in order to communicate with volunteers,” said Linda Clemens, director of Wiley House. “We need it to use as a recruitment tool and as a way of letting potential donors know what we are doing with the Wiley House.”


The Wiley House is committed to caring for Callaway’s homeless by positively promoting understanding, respect and housing solutions for the homeless in Callaway County through committed volunteers providing education, advocacy and sheltering.


“The MIS department feels strongly about giving back to our community,” Davis said. “Students who take the management information systems class have discussions about why it is so important to give to your community—not only while in college but when you graduate.”

Wiley House, located at 831 Jefferson St. in Fulton, offers overnight shelter for single men and women without children. It is open from 6 p.m. – 6 a.m.  For further information about Wiley House or to volunteer, call the shelter at 573-642-6065.