William Woods Student Alumni Council Announces Leaders

Seven students are the new leaders of the Student Alumni Council at William Woods University.


Student Alumni Council (SAC) is lead by the presidents of each class. Senior class president is Jenna Brown of Fulton, Mo. Junior class president, Katherine Wortmann of Mexico, Mo. Amy Gibson of Kirksville, Mo., is the sophomore class president.


Katie Gannon, a junior from St. Louis, Mo., is the treasurer. Beth Oseroff, a sophomore from Dallas Texas, is the public relations chair. Michael Stradford, a senior from Bellflower, Mo., is the secretary.


Darian Horn, a sophomore from Fort Madison, Iowa, is the coordinator of outstanding student nominations.


Officers of SAC at are responsible for planning and organizing events that help students and alumni interact, as well as help students make the transition from student to alumnus. The council is also responsible for raising school spirit and community awareness of William Woods.