William Woods launches new website, brand

new logo William Woods University has developed and launched a new website as part of the university’s rebranding campaign. The site is photodesigned to better tell the university’s story and attract students who would be a good fit for WWU.

The new website is a component of the university’s rebranding process. WWU is placing special emphasis on fortifying the institution’s reputation, in addition to elevating its graduate and online programs.

The university has introduced a new logo, and the sophisticated style is reflected in the modern design of the website. The new site also features simple navigation and is responsive to various screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile).

WWU’s new brand campaign also delivers a promise, “Where you will flourish!” to prospective students. In support of this promise, marketing strategies will provide a sharper focus on what makes William Woods University special and celebrate its heroes—students, alumni and faculty.

According to Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett, university president, there was a story waiting to be told.

“We’re doing a great job of getting out the facts and figures about our affordable tuition and our success in placing graduates and post-graduates into satisfying careers, but there’s more to a quality university experience than facts and figures,” she said.

“We need to tell our story; sharing what’s unique about William Woods through our heroes; our students, faculty, alumni and all who come together to create the heart and soul of William Woods University. Because let’s face it: there are a lot of institutions with affordable tuition and high placement. And, when you look at just the numbers, they all look alike.

The difference, Barnett said, is they are not William Woods.

“They don’t have our history. They don’t have our culture. They don’t have our faculty and staff, and they don’t have our commitment to help students discover their own talents and passions, and connect with a promising future.”

To shape the new branding message, WWU partnered with Elliance, an agency that specializes in higher education. Representatives visited campus and listened to stories told by students, faculty and alumni.

“What they heard is that this is a place that will challenge you,” Dan Diedriech, vice president for university advancement, said. “It will surround you with academic excellence. And most of all, it will support you, personally, in a way that few other institutions will. It will make sure you flourish.”

Recruiting materials will tell those stories: Students as heroes. Faculty and staff as mentors and friends. Alumni who have gone on to successful careers. And, on campus, an inclusive and diverse community committed to learning, inside the classroom and out.

“We took this step [rebranding] because we believe it will help us do a better job of connecting with the students who are a fit for us,” Diedriech explained. “It will play to our strengths. And in doing so, it will help secure our future as a university, so that we can keep on doing what we’re doing.”

In Phase II of the university’s branding campaign, the undergraduate programs and remaining portions of the website will be revised.