Watson Receives Novus Scholarship from Missouri Colleges Fund


Lucas WatsonLucas Watson, a junior from Louisiana, Mo., has received a
scholarship from the Missouri Colleges Fund (MCF) in recognition of his
accomplishments at William Woods University.

Funding for the scholarship came from Novus International,
which donated $16,000 to Missouri Colleges Fund to provide 16 scholarships of
$1,000 each for qualified students majoring in science-related disciplines who
have a strong academic record and who are judged outstanding because of activities
and achievements at the institution.
Graduating with a class of 47 students at Louisiana High
School, Watson was named valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA. He has been
interested in medicine since he was a child. He has always enjoyed science courses
and has excelled in them.
Watson, whose dream is to attend medical school and become a
physician, is majoring in biology/pre med, with minors in chemistry and
physical science. Being a physician, he believes, would combine two of his
passions—science and working with people.
“I love how in science you can never master the entirety of
the subject because, with every day advancements in technology, science is ever
changing,” Watson said. “I am fascinated by the human
body; human anatomy and physiology has been my favorite course.  I like to
know how the body works and responds the way it does in certain
Along with science, Watson also has a passion for people.
Working in the Emergency Room at Pike County Memorial Hospital, he fulfills
that passion every day.
“Each person has their own story, and it is a joy to sit and
talk with them and hear their story,” Watson said. “I think just talking to
them takes off the stress and anxiety of being in the hospital.”
As a Cox Scholar, Watson is currently doing research with Dr.
Mary Spratt, Cox Distinguished Professor of Biology at WWU, on tick-borne
diseases, specializing in bacterial agents of Borreliosis in Missouri ticks.
During the past year, Watson has tested ticks for the existence of Borrelia
burgdorferi, a bacteria that causes Lyme disease, and Borrelia lonestari, which
causes STARI.
Watson is on the WWU
Dean’s List and is a member of the Biology Club, Pre-Med Club, President’s
Twenty and Alpha Chi Honor Society. He is chapter treasurer of Pi Kappa Alpha
social fraternity and chapter president of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor
Society. He also serves on the Student Finance Committee and as a Peer Mentor,
Freshman Advantage Mentor, University Ambassador and Community Advisor. He was
elected Outstanding Sophomore for the 2010-11. 
Grateful for what William Woods University has had
to offer him, Watson says the opportunities given him here would have not been
available elsewhere.
“William Woods has really enhanced my learning opportunities
and molded me into a more well-rounded citizen,” Watson said.